What do you think about this complementary - capital in case of hospitalization

Hi all,

I would like to take this idea by you.

I am planning to start this complementary from Assura : https://fr.assura.ch/assurance-maladie/assurance-complementaire-de-capital-hospitalisation

This are the conditions : https://fr.assura.ch/assurance/products/csc_assura_hospita_2015.07_f.pdf

Basically, you receive the capital of your choice if you stay for at least 24 hours in the hospital (some exclusions apply : pregnancy, plastic surgery, accidents). So you can receive up to 3000 Francs if you get into hospital, for any problem, and stay overnight.

Costs, for a capital of 2500 (equal to my francise) are 20 for wife, 16 for me. That is 432 per year.

This means that if either one of us stays in hospital one night, in the next aprox 5.8 years, costs/gains are zero. So basically, i am assured against a big hit to my pocket (I presume hospitalization will cost a lot, due to the possible expensive tests they can do).

What do you think about it ?
Also, using my poor french and reading the conditions above, seems to be legit, but I could use a second eye on it as well…

Thanks mustachians!

It wont cost you a rappen since any cost of hospitalization, medicine and tests will be covered by the obligatory LAMAL insurance if the cause is illness (and why would you go to hospital and stay overnight otherwise?)

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Definitely strongly advise against it.

  1. Chances that either of you will have to go to the hospital within the next 5 years are probably lower than 50%. They will not take you if you have pre existing conditions.

  2. Hospitalization only costs you CHF 10 / day in basic insurance. (Plus Self-detuctable, franchise) Unless you are self employed there is not really any risk here that you need to insure against.

  3. Assura is known to be a pain in the ass when it comes to paying out.

Better put that money into a savings account. You will have more from it.

Absolutely, but I do have the 2500 franchise, that i am planning to keep at this level. Isn’t this how it works ?

This is why I choose the capital of 2500 for this specific insurance.

Well, its the franchise costs (2500) that I am covering with this assurance. And I do feel the chances are larger than 50%, this is why i was actually thinking about it - some people in my circle actually had problems. But now, I am trying to find some real statistics !

The chance that you will have to pay those CHF 2500 for an ambulant therapy is several times higher than for hospitalization. So you are paying a high price to insure a fraction of a fraction of a risk. If you want to insure against your CHF 2500 franchise than better either
a) put the money that you save from your higher franchise aside each year.
b) switch to CHF 300 franchise

IMHO it’s not a good idea and I guess most other people will tell you the same.

I see… And just to make sure, ambulatory treatment is when you are Not hospitalized, correct ? I understand now what you are saying…

Well, i will increase it for my little one (from 500 capital to 1000 capital for 2 francs more per month). He will definitely stay some time.

My view about insurances in general:
In most cases, instead of taking an insurance, it’s a lot better to insure yourself. You take the money you would put in the insurance and you invest it in an ETF.

At the end, an insurance will do the same on their side, invest the money of the clients, but on their side the costs are a lot higher because they need to pay charges (employees, building, ) and make profits.

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The largest chance you will go to a hospital without a preceding treatment (which will probably consume your deductible in no time) is due to an accident, but this is excluded. They’ve calculated it and I’m pretty sure the odds are strongly in their favor.

If any of your family members has health issues or is increased risk, the best tip I can have for you is to switch insurers.

Yeah, the difference is they make it for millions of customers and they use statistical analysis to calculate risks and probabilities. If you put 5 CHF every month into an ETF then what kind of insurance is that?

Insurance makes sense if the cost of an event would be so high, it would threaten your existence.

Insurance is like gambling. Would you pay 400 CHF for a 10% chance to win 4000 CHF? Probably not. Would you pay 4 CHF for a 0.01% chance to win 400’000 CHF? Maybe.

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Thanks guys ! Decision taken.
I am not able to switch insurances this year unfortunately, but I will not start this complementary.

I don’t know any case where a franchise other than 300 or 2500 makes sense. You shold probably calculate the yearly saving from switching from 300 to 2500. Let’s say you save 1000/year. If you think you’ll spend ROUGHLY (300+1000)=1300 or more on medical bills you should choose 300 otherwise choose 2500. It’s not 100% accurate as you have a Selbstbehalt of 10% on everything. Make an Excel if you want to find your break even

And now: something completely different: if anyone asks himself if she should change franchise because of having a child, DON’T DO IT. Pregnancy is 100% covered no matter what franchise, no selbstbehalt, no questions asked. After 3mts of pregnancy this even includes a broken foot or anything unrelated to pregnancy.


You can also use swupp.ch to calculate exactly which franchise is better for which medical cost estimate.

Also something to consider:
If over three years you have one year with no medical bills and two years with 10k cost per year surprisingly the 2.5k franchise over this three years is often still cheaper than the 300 franchise.

Another trick: If you have stuff (operations etc.) that you can plan, switch to 300 and put everything into the same year and than switch back to 2.5k. :slight_smile: