What are you buying?

Stuff got a little cheaper this week. Who’s dumpster diving, what are you buying next week?

VTI and VIOV, like every month :slight_smile:

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UPRO :thinking: maybe?

What’s the thesis behind buying small-cap value? It fared worse than both small cap 600 and main S&P 500 index this week.

It’s only suitable for short term holding. You want to risk violating the golden commandments from Kreisschreiben Nr 36?

Yeah I was not seriously considering that. I already did my monthly buy anyway, so I’ll have to wait a few weeks more…

Pasta, rice - some reserves in case we need to stay at home…

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I hope for new video this weekend about the recent market downturn. Every time I listen to this guy I feel very confident for my future.

Also, stuff from China (shoes, etc.). Enjoy the cheap prices while there are supplies!

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