Weekend in the mountains?

Hi fellow Swiss mustachians :smiley:

Me and my husband have a small house in the Swiss mountains. Its really lovely here and we are working on integrating by learning Swiss german and participating in local activities. We lived in Zurich before moving here and we still have some friends there who we visit every now and then.

In any case it gets a little lonely out here sometimes! we love interesting visitors from all over the world. So if you are interested in spending a weekend or a day here you are more than welcome to visit us :smiley:

We have two kids under the age of 4 and a small, energetic dog. If you visit us we could cook something yummy and have a glass of wine or beer. There are plenty of hikes and snow trails around here, there is a pretty big ski resort just 10 minutes away by train. In our house there’s a small vacation apartment, ca 25m2 and perfect for two adults and 1-2 small kids. It has its own entrance, bathroom, kitchen etc. Its all a bit old but cosy and clean.

Feel free to send me a PM for more details. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Awesome stuff. I’m definitely interested. :slight_smile:

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