Ways to protect your assets?

Hi everyone,

I’m curious to hear about the ways you protect your assets from being wiped out partially or fully.

What I can think of are the following:

  • private liability insurance (also for family members over age 18?)
  • housing insurance against water leakeage, natural disasters etc.
  • multiple brokers
  • separate financials in a marriage

Anything else?


good points.
i hear people debating over law insurance. opinions diverge wether it is worthwile
employment-inability insurance

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I think you should limit online access to your savings account. If you have some tens of thousand francs in a savings account for emergencies there is little reason to have online banking.

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I personally have a law insurance and it already helped me recoup money from a company who did (bad) work in my house.

I have 2 brokers. Your assets will remain yours if a broker goes broke (!) but it might take years to get them back as everything would be frozen. Thus I think that having 2 brokers is safer. It has a small cost of course.

Two brokers from two different countries
law insurance.
not owning a house or a car
increase security to access online banking. (separate phone ect)