VZ as everyday bank?

Hi everyone, first post here.

I was wondering if anyone uses VZ as their main retail bank?

I had a 3a pillar with them before moving everything to VIAC.
No particular complaints, VIAC is just cheaper.

But I recently noticed that VZ offers checking accounts and a Maestro (and credit cards too, but I’m good already).
They talk about e-bills and Twint (they don’t seem to have their own app, so prepaid I assume?)
But the website is a bit of a mess and I cannot find comprehensive pricing.

The Maestro is 30.- a year which is not too bad, ATM withdrawals cost 2.-, I could live with that.
And it’s even free if you’re a customer of their asset management… but I don’t quite understand which product they mean by that. I assume the one with the 0.55% p.a. fee. Is there a minimum investment?

Right now I’m with PostFinance, I need current accounts in CHF and EUR, I’m not withdrawing much cash and I have free backup options anyway. I like the free SEPA transfers from PF but I could do without thanks to Revolut. I tried both Zak and Neon but they aren’t exactly there yet (Neon shows potential though… maybe one day).

And what does that tell you?

a) They are too modest to highlight their competitive pricing

b) They distract and try to bamboozle people

Some members like BCV if I remember correctly. I am with a Raiffeisen member account.

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I would typically draw the same conclusions but VZ works in old-fashioned ways, and they want you to come over and have a sales rep explain the product and its pricing over a coffee…

I know very well this is usually a red flag, and I would never have opened my 3a there if it weren’t for online reviews. Which turned out to be a better and cheaper product than the competition at the time.

Before Viac, VZ was a really good 3a solution, I concur.

My brother, coming from UBS, used them for some time. In my opinion, their fees for standard banking solutions (“checking” account, savings account) are too high.