VIAC third pillar referrals


Hi @Agro ,

there’s a code for you: yA6rPH


Hello Iv24, used your code, Thanks!!


You’re welcome @Agrovest! glad I could help


Where do you find the 3 codes ?


In the app, open “Profile”, switch to “invite friends” (slightly above) and click the big green button “invite friends”.

Then share it with yourself to see the generated code - repeat as necessary, only 3 codes can be redeemed (but apparently unlimited can be generated?)

Here are my 2 remaining for good measure :slight_smile:

  • nfW5Y2
  • pltGOO


Thanks @DoctorD, I had thought it but couldn’t convince myself it was so convoluted…:joy:


Yeah @weirded, I was expecting a nice list after tapping the button too :joy:
At least it gets the job done :slight_smile:


Thanks @DoctorD for the code


Ok, here are my 3 codes:

  • 9jUBxS
  • rm12mN
  • b0nws2


I finally got my 3 codes as well. Feel free to use them and let me know which one you used so I can delete them again:



Thanks! I used rr0YFE


Still available are:



I took the last one! Thanks.


I have one code available:


Feel free to use!


Thanks, Octopus, I used your code.
I’ll post mine as soon as I get some money into the account. Excited to try VIAC out!


I got my codes. Feel free to use them and let me when you use one so I can delete it:


Received my three referral codes. Feel free to use them.
I did with someone else his code from this forum a week ago. Thanks again !


If you use a code send me a message please.


I got my codes today. Feel free to use them:


Last one available:


Pls post if you use it. Thanks!


AytWaC has been used. Thx! A lot of codes below are marked as invalid.