VIAC increased its recommendation bonus

Hi all,

I received an email from VIAC informing me that they are improving their recommendation program. The maximum amount free of management fees increases from CHF 1500 (if I remember well) to CHF 5000. You can reach it by inviting up to five people to open a VIAC account (vs three in the past):

  • Friend 1: CHF 500
  • Friend 2: CHF 750
  • Friend 3: CHF 1000
  • Friend 4: CHF 1250
  • Friend 5: CHF 1500

They automatically apply these new conditions to the already acquired bonus! :slight_smile:

I thought I would share the good news!


Yes, that’s a good news :). I think it is also a good idea for anyone on this forum who doesn’t have VIAC yet (if there are still such people :)) to contact random forum member privately and ask for the code :). I did like that for example when I was opening my Swissquote account.

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Happy to give any one a VIAC code if they want :wink:

Received the e-mail as well.

Happy to provide codes if someone needs them!

Agree. I can provide my code to two additional people. BTW they will receive also a 500 CHF bonus.

Received the e-mail too.

Happy to provide codes if someone needs them!

Same here, can provide codes too.

Same here, can provide codes too. (5/5 Available)

Please, Guys, I think almost everyone on this forum can provide the codes. My comment was not meant to make this thread an announcement board, but rather to encourage everyone in our Community to help each other, by asking for the codes using private messages…

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My problem is, that I could not recommend VIAC to someone because VIAC isn’t the best offer anymore. Right now it is Finpension.

I don’t think there is a universally best offer. There are several offers, an increasing number of them, and I find this really great because there is more choice and we can all find one that matches our needs. And it also drives prices down which is a welcome development in the 3a pillar.

The same applies to the growing number of brokers available in Switzerland. I like that this list is growing.

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Since this would be for opening a 3A account, I have a few questions:

Where is this bonus credited (on a VIAC 3A account?)
How should it be accounted for tax-wise: does it count as income?
Does it count toward max 3A contributions?

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The bonus appears on the monthly fee sheet: it is deducted from the assets under management and lowers the fee.

I don’t think it counts as income or as a contribution because that’s only a fee reduction. And I think even if it did, I don’t think the tax office would find it worth the effort to worry about it: what you save every year is 0.52% (or whichever fee rate you have) of the bonus, not the entire bonus. :slight_smile:


Thanks, so that’s a fee credit and not realy new investable money? Good to know, though it sounds a lot less appealing that way.

Edit: Ok, I’ve understood it now, they’re actually lowering the assets under management they use to calculate the fee by that amount. That makes it easy to handle but amounts to quite a low amount of savings. Do you guys/gals find it really appealing?

No I don’t really care, it’s a marketing gimmick for 20 bucks a year max.

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Hi Everybody. I am about to open a VIAC account. Does anybody want to PM me a code? Cheers

Done :blush: (filling the characters limit)

I would also like to receive a code to open an account, unfortunately I am not able to write PMs yet.

Edit: Got one. Sorry @nabalzbhf did not know how else to contact someone.

Let’s not start a referral thread again…

I will send you a pm with a code :wink:

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