Hi everyone, I started in Switzerland in August 2020.
A few questions:
1- third pillar with viac fin pension or cs?
2- I’m an employee, is it working as in Italy with the declaration at the end of the year?
3- investing in stocks with a private brokers or bank?
4- in case of third pillar is it gonna be the account at work that is gonna work on my reduction directly from my salary or should I communicate to the canton of bern (where I live)?

I hope that all the answers are clear, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there

I’m not sure, if I get all your questions right…

  1. Your choice, I’m happy with VIAC
  2. Declaration of what, taxes? Are your taxes deducted at source (“Quellensteuer”)? If not: As a regular taxpayer in Bern: You get the tax forms at the beginning of a new year, and declare taxes of the previous year. But you pay the taxes “pro rata” (based on previous years) in three rates during each tax year. After the final tax statement, you pay / get back the difference to the already paid taxes
  3. Your choice. I’m happy with IB
  4. I don’t get this question. Your employer (or the canton) has nothing to do with the 3rd pillar (“Private Vorsorge”), but with the 2nd pillar (“berufliche vorsorge”). The later is usually directly deducted from your salary…
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I think the question is how income tax is adjusted/refunded for pillar 3a contributions, when employment income is being taxed at source.

In my case, it was indeed the canton(al tax office, not my municipality‘s) that I had to send my declaration to, as long as I my employment income was taxed at source. I didn‘t have to send in a full tax return but a security inventory (Wertschriftenverzeichnis) and additional deductions (mainly 3a contribution). The cantonal tax office then refunded me a couple of hundreds accordingly.

Hi clon, yes I have the taxes deducted at the source because I have a permit B but I’m not swiss so based on that how can I have save the taxes from the 3rd pillar, should I communicate to the accountant at work that I have a 3rd pillar ?

Exaclty @San_Francisco, precisely my question.
So should I do a request to the tax office for deduction of the 3rd pillar from the monthly taxes at the end of every year and waiting for the refund ?

You don’t need an accountant.

Your canton should have on their tax-related website a form for “simplified” tax return.
You fill in the amount paid into 3rd pillar, provide a printout from your fund holder as evidence, sign the form and send it (by deadline of your canton - I suppose sometimes during Q1-Q2 of the following year).

Example for BS here - Antrag auf Tariffkorektur form.

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I was referring to the accountant of my work place; thanks a lot @dbu

Allright :wink:

Kanton Bern, you need a «nachträglich ordentliche Veranlagung»:

"Wenn eine quellensteuerpflichtige Person mit steuerrechtlichem Wohnsitz in der Schweiz Abzüge geltend machen möchte, die in den Quellensteuertarifen nicht oder nur teilweise berück-sichtigt werden, kann eine «nachträglich ordentliche Veranlagung» bis zum 31. März des auf die Steuerperiodefolgenden Jahres bei der Steuerverwaltung beantragt werden. Das Antragsformular wird auf der Internetseite der Steuer-verwaltung des Kantons Bern zur Verfügung

Solche Abzüge sind beispielsweise Einkäufe in die berufliche Vorsorge (BVG/2.Säule), Beiträge an die gebundene private Vorsorge (Säule 3a), erhöhte Berufskosten, Schuldzinsen,berufsbedingte Aus- und Weiterbildungskosten, Kinderdritt-betreuungskosten, Leistungen an eine erwerbsunfähige,unterstützungsbedürftige Person, Kinderabzug (wenn die ent-sprechende Kinderstufe im Quellensteuertarif nicht berück-sichtigt wurde), Alimente und Unterhaltsbeiträge"

really appreciate that, thanks a lot @clon