Value is SCREAMING for reversion to the mean!

Oh boy! Anyone loading?


Yes, entered a few k a couples of weeks ago in Boeing, Norwegian cruises, some restauration stocks and REITs. Overall doing great and plan to hold for a few months.

Who else?

At the same time, the graph seems to miss last two years, which makes me wonder where we stand today!!!

Haha, YahooFinance-worth kind of title. :grin:

I got some SLYV a couple months back “for fun”, as value should grow faster with its higher volatility (spoiler: it didn’t), but not expecting too much benefit from it on the grand scheme of my portfolio.

I put money in late feb and march in US large and small cap value (RPV and SLYV). they went quickly down and have come back substantially, but still in slight negative for me, but i’ll keep loading in coming months. I have shortlisted some ETFs for drip feed in coming months and years, but still looking for cheaper options:

  • International small cap value (DLS) - high TER :frowning:
  • International large cap value (maybe EFV) or just add to blend (VEA)
  • EM large cap value (EMVL? - TER of 0.4 but UK based ) or just blend (VWO/IEMG)
  • EM small cap value (DGS) - high TER again :frowning:

All exUS SCV ETFs are quite expensive…

SLYV and VIOV are great though.

For small value international you can check avantis AVDV and emerging AVEM.
The TER is a bit above 0.3% IIRC.


Holy, look at SCV today.

same thing with RPV!

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Yes, not my idea. Found an article online talking about it.

I added VIOV to my fun fund. Will put monthly money (not much) in it.

Look at hertz go !

It fell from 15-16$,
I don’t think it’s going to stay at 3 bucks for too long

I concur. They are either going to soar - or‘ll be going to zero.

You do realize they have just filed for bankruptcy protection, do you?

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I suggest your read:

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