TWR Performance of IB Portfolio

Hi all

My portfolio performance in IB has been showing an incomplete benchmark when adding one, as they have different starting points:

Does anybody else have this issue?
It’s the same result with different benchmarks. They all seem to start only on the 1st of February, whereas my portfolio performance starts on the 6th of January, so exactly one year ago.
Additional question:
Could someone, that uses IB for several years, share whether one can pick a longer period than just 1 year?

Cheers & thanks for your replies

You have to go into the Portfolio Analyst (on your screenshot the blue arrow on the top right corner) or via the menu Portfolio on the top of the screen. Only works on the PC website, not the App as far as I remember.


This helps to lengthen the period, but the my portfolio and the different benchmarks still don‘t start at 0% performance. :thinking:

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I noticed these strange starting times of the benchmark also, but didn’t really think more of it at the time.
Just guessing here, could 1.2 be like a time weighted starting point of your total invested money?

If you invested 20k on 1.1 and 10k on 1.4 a theoretical weighted starting date for the total invested 30k could be 1.2. (as an example).

Instead of showing VT starting on 1.1, maybe showing VT starting from 1.2 makes more sense to compare realistically to your own TWR performance EOY?

PS and congrats for beating VT :wink: :blush:

Somehow missed your response.

Your guess may be right, but it still wouldn‘t make sense to me. :smile:

Thank you. Fairly easy with value stocks in a down turn market though. :slightly_smiling_face: