Turkish Netflix - the "Rappenspalter" way

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I just switched my Netflix account to Netflix Turkey via gift cards (you can buy them at Key-Stores with a commission on top (17 instead of 12CHF for 200TL, depending on the lira price) - or via a Turkish store (good luck with that lol)). You do need a VPN to register/re-subscribe via Turkish Netflix though.

A 200 TL (±17CHF at this time at my store of choice) card does fund your Netflix subscription for about 2.5 Months at the ultimate package (78 TL/Month). The Swiss offering is 25+CHF for 1 Month!

That’s more than 300CHF for Switzerland and about 85CHF in TL gift cards (5 x 200TL) and the trend is downward - not upward. Even if the price doubles, It’s still a huge saving.

The reason for me to switch were the raising prices + the last referenda in Switzerland where we voted to increase subventions of films I don’t want to see.

You can still access CH-Netflix without any restrictions whatsoever. The Netflix offerings depend on the current location - not the one you have the payment contract with. Imho a great and neat trick.

I used the CH-Netflix with a VPN to watch JP Netflix for language learning and it worked for years without issues.


Thank you for sharing. How about the recommended films/series? Are they also linked to the location you are in? I would not fancy it if only Turkish films/series will be recommended, haha

Yes that works like a charm with the same content as with a swiss netflix just for fare less. I bought the gift cards at https://www.mtcgame.com there is also a premium which I don’t remember how much but works perfect

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I also thought about what to do since for some reason we managed to vote for that subventions law, except for boycotting Swiss movie productions from now on, and thought there may be a way to circumvent the new regulation by not paying CH-prices anymore.

Is Turkey the cheapest possible option? And how would you set that up, just google a Turkish address and setup a Netflix account with that address, buy Netflix cards from the sites mentioned and that’s it? Do you need a VPN for it to set it up?

And that would kill two birds with one stone, right? Cheaper subscription prices, and since you pay Turkish Netflix there will be no subventions paid to the CH movie industry from your monthly fees, right? Or will they get it anyway because you watch it from CH?


I cancelled my Amazon Prime and Netflix 4K subscription and switched to the Turkish version. It’s the exact same offer (same movies, same languages, same subtitles, same recomendations etc.) so you won’t see any difference.

Turkish Amazon prime is around CHF 0.70 lol. Instead of CHF 12.90.


Nice, they seem even cheaper, although I don’t know how generous they are when something bad happens. I paed 17CHF for 200TL, a bit pricier than here with ±15CHF.

I am not sure if this works for amazon.jp though. I can’t use my JP login on amazon.de f. e.

Not sure if it’s the cheapest country but for sure one of the cheapest. I actually used the instructions given in one of the threads of this forum (can’t remember which though) it’s really easy. Just use hola VPN to go to netflix page and inscribe (no address needed) afterwards you do not need the hola VPN anymore which I would anyway not use to long as I’m not sure what happens to the data there. Afterwards get yourself the gift cards from the shop and you can load your account login in with your normal browser from CH. Not sure how the taxes work if Netflix has to give something to the authorities? It’s anyway weird totally the same content usw as for the swiss one, just the first 2-3 days there were recommending me some Turkish movies but I guess afterwards the AI has understood my (ok more the one from my wife) taste.
Maybe I try the amazon prime as well in the future even if I do not look so much TV anymore.

Just be aware MTC game can be sometimes I bit difficult with the credit card payment and you have to send them a selfie with the credit card



I have no Pakistan VPN, so I opted for Turkey. The savings are minimal and the Lira is still falling lol

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For me there was no need for giftcards or a new account. I cancelled my account and waited until my subscription was inactive. Afterwards I subscribed again with a VPN and paid with my Wise card. Was a while back but might still work.

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Nope, tried the same, Netflix blocked the transactions

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Interesting article about Netflix and the netflix value per country!

Seems like Switzerland is on the very low end of the spectrum.

In contrast to the above, the most expensive monthly subscriptions for Netflix tend to be in European countries and the US. What’s more, if you live in Liechtenstein or Switzerland, you’re paying at least $4 more than average for a basic plan and around $10 more than average for a standard or premium plan.

Another slighly off topic tip: You can do the same with a YouTube Premium/ YouTube Music subscription with a vpn located to Argentina. I pay about 1 CHF every month


This is also something I am thinking of: does it make sense to have a Turkish subscription when a lot of series and films are not available? To have the most of it, it probably makes sense to get a Canadian subscription…

Your available series and movies have no connection to your contract-country, but to your current geographic location.


Idk if it was already discussed but is it possible to do the same with Disney+ and Amazon Prime subscriptions ?

And if we are there already, also for spotify? :smiley:

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Amazon Prime yes. No need for gift cards, just open up an account with Turkish VPN and pay CHF 0.70 per month with your normal Swiss credit card (or Revolut). I tried everything for Disney+, no chance.

Like many already mentioned, there is 0 difference. My Netflix account (opened up with Turkish VPN) will be identical to yours (Swiss one).


I just want to point out that this doesn’t work in 100% of the cases. Amazon(dot)com /.de /.tr and stuff seems to be in a different server-cluster than amazon.jp or Korea.

I have different amazon accounts for those platforms and for me - as a JP learner, I can’t use .tr amazon prime afaik. But the JP subscription also only costs 500円, so about 4CHF. Combined, I am still below a Swiss Netflix lol

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Thanks again for this thread, @CHRad. I have set up Youtube Premium for CHF 0.96 per month (starting July 2022) via Argentina :slight_smile:

In this whole process I bough a two year access through Nord VPN, which seemed one of the best providers out there for various things (e.g. when I am setting up HBO max some day, since the VPN needs to stay active, from what I read).

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