Transfer of Bank account to US citizen

My oldest son, who just turned 18, was born while we were living on the other side of the pond and thus has US citizenship. His Swiss godmother has, until last week unbeknown to us, opened a bank account in his name. She used a local to her bank (CEDC), which does not seem to have a lot of experience dealing with US citizens – and apparently also not with other languages than French.

Does someone know a Romadie based advisor which could help them/us through the paper work? Or does someone have this experience?

I think the first question you have to ask yourselves is: do you want him to keep the US citizenship?

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That is a good question – in the end it is up to him of course – for the moment there are no disadvantages for him in keeping it. Due to some medical issues, he will never becoming a tax paying subject. Getting rid of the citizenship seems, eh, rather involved and expensive.

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Isn’t possible to simply close the account and open it elsewhere? I thought whoever opened it has this power.

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Will he become a tax-filing subject though?

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Duh. I am an idiot for not thinking about the obvious solution.

Ah. I don’t know the ins-and-outs filling requirements. Gotta look into that.

As he’s over 18, it’s his account now. He can just close it afaik.