Transfer CHF into EUR

Hi everyone, it’s me again, I would like to ask you how I can transfer some swiss chf into my italian bank account, of course without paying anything (if possible)

p.s. big problem, I cannot use anymore revolut (no idea why :frowning: )


Transferwise …


Never tried and know nothing about them, but I once came across

I change them on Interactive Brokers.


but with transfer wise do I need to register both cards and doing everything on their website isn’t it?

I don’t understand what cards you mean. On the website you make a login, then register the transfer you want to make (i.e. to which EUR account), then transfer the money to the Transferwise account that they give you.

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I’ll check, never used it. Thanks a lot

Transferwise CHF-EUR foreign exchange will “cost” you about 0.5% fees above the interbank rate, so not “free”. Just so you know. But compared to many other foreign exchange possibilities, that’s quite low/competitive.

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While you can pay for your transfer with a debit card or credit card (i.e., you make a card payment to TransferWise, they will send a standard (or instant) SEPA bank transfer to your account), that only adds up costs if it’s not urgent.

I always use bank transfers to transfer funds to TransferWise - no need to register any card.


How much money are you looking into transferring? Revolut or Transferwise might be good options, check their cost, I think for a large transfer (10.000+) Revolut is much cheaper.

If you want to transfer a lot of money there is a high chance Revolut/Transferwise will block your account and request proof of funds (bank statement, payslip, tax return etc.) due to money laundering laws and this will take a few days to complete, so your money will remain locked for a few days.

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it’s probably gonna be once n a month but maybe a few thousands, not a lot

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