Tracking error of CSIF funds?

I’ve been briefly looking for information on the tracking error of CSIF funds (not the TER), used by Finpension, Viac and the likes. Anyone know more about this?

You have many products under the umbrella of CSIF Funds. May be you could precise which on is interesting for you.

It is displayed in their documentation, you can see it on the Credit Suisse website. An example with the “CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Blue - Pension Fund Plus ZB” fund/share class:

Tick the “Qualified Investor” field and you’re done. The info is in the “Risk overview” part, CS displays 0.08% tracking error for this fund/share class.

The funds pages can be accessed through VIAC’s “Strategies” page, by clicking on the “Factsheet” links. I’m sure Finpension has a similar mechanism available.

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Excellent, cheers! I guess these funds can compete with Vanguard, Blackrock etc. in terms of tracking error then