Timing tax payments

But why pay taxes at least one year “too early”, if the penalty of paying them later is only 0.25% p.a. (ZH)?

Thanks! I see that in the website indeed

And btw - I still feel that they need to do some re-work on these estimations.
Since I only moved to C permit on March 1st, I was taxed at source in Jan and Feb.
And they didn’t include those already taxed amounts in the estimations…

You can ask for them to update it and take into account the amounts you paid via Tax at source as well as any other changes such as change in salary, loss of employment etc.

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Some commune will directly send the amount above the provisional tax bill back to you, if you transferred too much. In such cases it helps to request an updated provisional bill.

What one could do, would be to ask for a new and low estimation and recieve provisional monthly bills accordingly.

You pay thoses bills in time so no fee is asked.

Then, when you receive the tax delaration you make your correct tax estimation and pay the rest (total tax minus what you allready paid 12 times) and that amount stayed invested for a year or on an account with interests.

Got the response from the tax service in VD and sounded OK to to so as long as you pay your monthly bills. Is it in anykind illegal? Am I missing something?

Hi all. I also just got the Provisorische Steuerrechnung from my Steueramt. The thing is, they sent me an estimate for 2021, 2022 and 2023 all together, each for 33’000 CHF, and a payment deadline of 2023-09-15. So I have a month to pay 100’000 CHF :slight_smile: .

What happens if I don’t pay on time? Will they start levying the Verzugszins of 4.5%? Or does this Verzug apply to the deadline in the final bill?

Why did they send this only now? I never got this before. Last year I paid the tax for 2020, and didn’t get an invitation to pre-pay in advance.

How can the “provisory” bill come for the historical years?
It should have been coming during them (at least in ZH) - weird.

The 4.5% should apply to the final bill only, afaik.

I would contact them to know if it is possible to stagger them over the next

And yeah, kind of weird you get the bill for 2021 only now…

For knowing what kind of interest rates apply, it should be written on the bill itself.

Hi again all, I just saw this topic and moved my post here. I see there are already some answers to my question. Like, it seems I don’t need to cough up 100k or pay 4.5%, because that will only apply to the final bill right? So for now only 0.25%?

I don’t know, but I guess my Steueramt didn’t get their act together for a long time, and suddenly they woke up and sent me all 3 years at once?

Also, my bill for 2020, I sent the declaration in Feb 2021, and they sent me the final bill Aug 2022 (was 33’000). So 18 months to review my declaration. And then 1 year more to send me the provisional bills.

I mean, I don’t mind, the later I get the bill, the longer I hold onto the money. I guess my wealth tax is slightly elevated, but I can invest this money.

That is a good point. However, since you can have a margin account with IB, if you have a large enough stock position, you can stay 100% invested, and once the deadline comes to pay, you can just slightly leverage yourself, pay the bill, and then fill up the gap in subsequent 3-4 months with your salary. I don’t think being like under 10% leveraged is such a big risk, or?

Yes this is fine.

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I called my Steueramt. They said that they sent me 3 bills at once, because they only now got the info from Bewohnerkontrolle (or what’s it called) that I switched from permit B to C, so from Quellensteuer to… no Quellensteuer. People who pay Quellensteuer do not get a Provisorische Rechnung, because their employer already pays.

And the important thing:

  • the Ausgleichzins (0.25%) counts from 30 days after the date of the Provisorische Rechnung
  • the Verzugszins (4.50%) counts from 30 days after the date of the Finale Rechnung

So yeah, all good, on Sept 15 they will start charging only 0.25% annual interest on these 100k that I owe them.


And 1% starting next year.

Btw the final assessment will be coming much faster now that you’re not at source (a few months for me).

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20char 20char

Thank you! Not cool. But ok at Willbe I still get higher return (1.55% atm)

Depends on your marginal tax rate tho.

Thanks, I did not know they will raise to 1% in Jan’24.

In 2022 I didn’t pay the tax in advance. I thought just for 0.25% I don’t want the hassle to pay them, and I would prefer pay the all taxes at once when the final tax result comes. But this 1% (4 times more), probably make sense to pay most of them in advance.

So for 2023 as usual I received from my gemeinde some pre-filled amounts bills: one for June, two for Sept, one for Dec, and one with no prefilled amount.
I believe they give all these different bills just to give you multiple options to pay them as you prefer.
So if I wish I could just fill the bill with empty amount with the amount I prefer before 31st Dec, and I would not have to pay any interest for the amount I would have paid. Is that correct?

I am not quellensteur since 2022, so I am still no very familiar with taxes in CH. But this 33k sounds to me like a lot :smiley: I hope I do not have to pay such amount for '22 or '23.
Probably this 33k chf tax is for around 200k chf salary, right?
If that is the case I would be happy if one day I would have to pay such amount of taxes xd

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Did the canton ZH people receive the (preemptive) payment bill for 2023?
Last year I got it quite earlier, nothing yet for this year.

If I haven’t gotten one, how do I order it?

Actually I didn’t receive it either.
You can ask for one online though: eGov Box (vrsg.ch)

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