Three Swiss stocks for eternity

Would have been interesting to know the 3 stocks you pre-selected and why. I don’t see the logic of having this forum working for you. You’ll learn much more by doing your own research

You mean Emmi, Lindt & Sprüngli and Swatch? Nice Swiss portfolio :slight_smile:

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If everybody on this forum did his or her own research instead of asking for opinions, there wouldn’t be much of a forum, would there?

Anyways, thanks a lot for all the useful feedback. Indeed, putting 10% each on three stocks doesn’t seem to be the greatest idea.


absolutely swiss stocks for eternity

For “For life” swiss stock exposure I would chose instead something like a Dow Jones Titans 30 Index ETF, like following. Top positions are names like Nestle, Novartis and UBS. LU2611732632 | Amundi DJ Switzerland Titans 30 UCITS ETF Dist

Using a Luxembourg ucits fund would be a terrible idea. You have insane withholding taxes you cant get back.

We live in Switzerland and have unique access to to swiss domiciled funds, like SPICHA, SLICHA etc., where we can get full reimbursement on the withholding taxes.


Good tip Tony1337! I didn’t know about that. I think it is because I normally focus more on capital appreciation instead of dividends. Will investigate. Thanks!

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Which is sensible.

It‘s just that funds like I mentioned are very similar to the one you linked (Looking at the holdings it‘s basically the same as UBS SLI etf/SLICHA)+ you get the withholding tax back.
So you have a tax advantage there + the same capital appreciation, as it‘s the same holdings.