Thoughts on Raiffeisen Futura Immo Fonds?

French infos (change lang for german)

In prospectus it is said that (translated from french)

“The fund invests directly in real estate. Taxation is therefore happens only at the level of the fund. Private investors are exempt from wealth tax for the invested share and income tax on dividends.”

Does this fund sounds like a good idea? Is there really a way to avoid taxation on the dividends this way?

You avoid wealth and income tax with this product but the tax is paid at a flat rate by the fund. If you have a high wealth and income it is probably a good investment but if you live in a canton with low taxation it is probably not the best choice.
In this document all the funds with two stars are free from tax for the holder. You can see that the funds on which you have to pay tax have an higher dividend because it is before tax.

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