Term life insurance

That time has come that I need a term life insurance (family) to cover for my fire plan. Do you have any recommendations for a good insurance for this? I am only interested in risk insurance and maybe the disability one, but not link it with pension fund. I struggle to find exact information over internet and I don’t want to have 10 meetings with agents trying to convince me I need a whole life insurance and so on…

What you are looking for is a Todesfallrisikoversicherung. I have one to hedge the fact that we are not married and have a child. (No widow rent from the first pillar)

Play around with this:

I have a Generali for 200 or 250kCHF and I pay around 300 a year. In my case with every reasonable scenario I ended up at Generali.


I’m not sure to understand the point to take this type of insurance if you can FIRE.
If you die, your wife and child(s) will received money from first pillar each month and your wealth on 2pillar, 3 pillar and brokerage account will be transfered.

Moreover, the risk can only be insured up to a max-age in most case 65

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Well, I am not yet FIREd, so I would like to have this insurance in case things happen, my family to be able to FIRE, as planned. Now, the plan depends on a specific income stream over some specific number of years, which will not be there anymore if I will die.

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Thanks! I will look into it.

Well…I only get one provider. I will look more into it.


Ok make sense :slight_smile:
I think the best way is to ask mutliples brokers by email. Avoid meeting in person and take some time before signing an offer.
This industry isn’t transparent


We have ours at Mobiliar with a decreasing sum over 15 years as we plan to be FIRED then and won’t need it anymore. I think for us it was the cheapest solution for what we wanted (be able to pay off part of the mortgage to be able to fulfil the 5% criterion).

Edit: corrected for spelling mistakes due to writing on the phone