Taxes on US RSUs once vested

Hi guys

I work for an american software company here in switzerland, and get RSUs (are granted in

Now the first part for this year has been vested.

How is it tax wise?

Are the US directly taxing vested RSUs when I want to transfer the stock to my depot or sell them?

If there is a withholding tax, can it be reclaimed?

As a swiss citizen, it should fall under normal income tax no? To be paid with everything else when declaring taxes.



Why would there be a withholding tax? It‘s not dividends but shares


Tax-wise they consider the value of vested stocks in CHF at the day of vesting, so if 10K CHF vest today, that income will be added to your total income for this year. If you pay quellensteuer they’ll sell a good chunk of the shares at vest time to pay the tax, in addition to a small chunk (which you’ll always pay) to cover AHV and the other compulsory insurances.

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