Taxed on pillar 3A transfer from AXA to VIAC

Hi all, hope you are doing fine.

I find myself in a kind of pickle…

I had one final pilar 3A product at AXA, which I went ahead and did the necessary steps to transfer to VIAC (already moved the rest of my 3As there). I got a confirmation from AXA that it was being “paid-out”, one or two months nothing to be noted in VIAC. Eventually I received an invoice from the tax department (Vaud) to pay taxes for the “pay-out” of the 3A pilar. After re-contacting AXA, the money finally made it to VIAC.

However I am confused, as it is a transfer, how and why do I receive an invoice from the tax department? I contacted both AXA and VIAC, yet none of them have given me a valid reason as to what happened (first the transfer took 3 months since the confirmation of AXA, secondly I get taxed?). Should I contact the tax department directly?

The due date for the tax is november 6th. I suppose I am better off paying it, and if it was wrongly invoiced, it will be refunded/ credited on my next tax statement, or?

Anyone else had a similar experience? Any advice is welcome. Could not find a similar post to this

Would contact tax department asking them what “pay-out” they want to charge taxes for (after all, it’s them wanting money from you right now). Someone must have reported your “pay-out” to them, and they (or at least the federal tax administration) should be answerable. Do explain that you had a transfer from one 3a foundation to another - not a withdrawal to your personal account - and think it may be a mistake.

Ask them if there’s a way to check whether the reporting foundation has already withdrawn the tax report (which may still be pending with the tax administration).

If not, contact the reporting foundation (probably AXA), preferably in writing. You may want to send as a registered letter for emphasis. Keep it short and concise but to the point.

Ask them on which legal basis they’ve reported a withdrawal, point that out they’ve, in your opinion, made a mistake and ask them what you want (withdrawing the tax report). You want your letter or call to be escalated.

Tier 1 support is often not well-suited to deal with such issues. In such large organisations that have highly-regulated business they may not immediately assume that their back office could have made a mistake.


@San_Francisco thanks a lot! I will sure try that out tomorrow!

it sounds like this was a misstake of the tax office/ of Axa. Check the invoice closely regarding an instruction on the right to appeal and act accordingly (you will likely have to file a formal objection within 30 days after you received the invoice).

@San_Francisco it worked like a charm, the tax department cancelled the invoice after my letter. I love how reactive the Vaud tax office is compared to other offices of the canton

@JLaw effectively it was a mistake and the appeal was accepted.

Thanks all!

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