Taxation on Fortune for Source Taxed foreigner

Hi guys !

I have a question that I’m hoping someone who is also a foreigner can help me out with.

I’d been in Switzerland for two years, before moving to a neighbouring country for a year. While living in Switzerland on a B permit the first time around, I didn’t complete the tax rectification form for either year, as I didn’t know I had to (colleagues at work told me it wasn’t mandatory).

I’m back in Switzerland now, and know that I need to fill out this rectification form when I receive it. If I’ve held stock since before being here the first time (I’ve had it for four years, though haven’t bought or sold anything since my first purchase), can I now confidently fill out this rectification form independently and declare the entirety of my wealth/fortune, without fearing potentially getting into trouble for not having done it when I first came to Geneva?

Hi @ggwater!

I am not qualified to give you advice on your specific situation, however you may want to check the threshold from which a rectification or additional taxation is necessary. For example in some cantons it is at 200 000 CHF of wealth and/or 2000 CHF of non-taxed-at-source revenues, and anything below this is considered covered by the taxation at source. But this is specific to each canton and I do not know about Geneva.

Also I read in the news that some cantons have tax amnesty measures for people who forgot to declare assets and want to fix it, but there are also conditions to qualify depending on the canton (for example, once only in a lifetime, needs to be stated explicitly etc). Probably a professional tax advisor would be able to help you best in order to act in your best interest.

Depending on the sum involved (few hundred francs of tax?), maybe just contact the tax authority, at least in Zurich they seem to be fairly reasonable, I’d assume Geneva is similar (but you never know :slight_smile: )

Maybe just say that you’ve only been made aware of it recently and you don’t know what you’re supposed to do (as @ProvidentRetriever says you might be under the threshold anyway and in some cantons the thresholds changed recently so they might have been different in previous years)

Geneva is the only canton which has a witholding tax up until 500k per year (all other cantons have 120k per year, afaik). Regarding wealth tax: it seems that you can deduct CHF 82’200.- as a single person (see LIPP art. 58)

Other useful links are ESTV brochures fiscales and the cantonal tax offices

You could also try what @nabalzbhf proposed. From my personal experience, the people at the tax office were always helpful (can only speak for some German speaking cantons though)

When I became a tax declarer upon changing from B to C permit in GVA 15 years ago, they were quite relaxed about this. However reading the comments on the forum from other cantons I wonder if the situation has changed in GVA too

Also you could have accumulated wealth whilst outside CH

Unless you are talking millions I would assume you will be ok. But if you have any doubt, give them a call to be sure

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