Tax payment while changing canton

Hello everyone,
My taxes documents are already knocking on the door and last year I did a single full payment in the first quarter of the year. In 2023 I would like to do the same, however, I already know that I will move to another canton (around March, April, or June). Therefore, should I do already a full payment of the taxes or should I pay monthly and adjust when I relocate?

Does anyone has experience in on this? Sorry this is my second year paying taxes on my own and I’m not so familiar.

Thank you all!

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Hi ! The same happened to me a few years back. I contacted the tax office of the canton I was about to leave and said that I’d prefer not make any payment to them and instead keep the money for the canton of arrival. They said it was no problem and voilà.
I’d advise to do the same :wink:


Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will call the canton. All the best!

Hi, sorry to come back again, but how did you pay the taxes for the new canton? I have already the tax invoices of my current canton but I don’t have for the new canton, as I will only relocate in Q2.

For 2022, you will pay your taxes to the Canton where you lived during this year.

For 2023, you will pay your taxes to the new one, fully. The previous Canton will always send you what you need to pay (in advance) if you are still living there, because the tax authority of your domicile is competent for this purpose.

So you should just call them and call the new tax authority in order to set up your taxation for 2023.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, it is clearer now. I just need to wait a bit as I don’t have yet official residence in the new Canton (still looking for), so I don’t think they will accept setting up my taxes yet. To complicate things even more, I will get married end of this year :grin:

Oh congratulations!

If you are getting married, the taxing officer will have to look on several point (change of residence, change of matrimonial status, and so on). My advise: if you used to pay a monthly down payment, you should continue this or set up this and transfer it to a saving account (for instance) in order to not be surprised once the taxation come, as it should impact you more or less depending on which canton you will live.

Related question,

I moved to Zurich and I haven’t received the code to start preparing my tax declaration.
Where and how do I request this code?
Will it come automatically?

I have done my tax declaration for the last two years while leaving at another canton (permit B)

You should receive one by the tax authority in March I suppose (in my memory the Canton of Zurich ask to fill the tax payment on March?). Or just call them to ask when you will have it.