Tax on US Treasuries / TIPS

Hi. Does anyone know if IBKR withholds taxes on interest income from US treasuries and/or bonds? Tia

Yes, for any dividend like paymemt from us funds.

Though they refund it later (iirc in March?)

I didn’t mean a fund. Direct US government bond positions

Then no withholding should take place. See: What Kind of Income is Subject to Withholding? | Trading Lesson | Traders' Academy | IBKR Campus

• Not all interest is subject to withholding. Investment interest is not subject to withholding. It is,
however, subject to reporting. You will receive a US tax form showing any interest credited to
your account annually. However, if the interest is investment interest then there will be no
What is investment interest?
• Interest earned on US bonds including US government bonds is investment interest.

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