Tax break due to L1TW on funds

Hi All!

I understand I cannot claim back L1TW tax on the dividends I receive from funds. But do I get a tax break?

Let’s say my Kanton charges 20% tax on income and I know L1TW is 10% on my dividend from a fund.
When I declare my taxes, can I put this 10% in DA-1 and then the tax office will only charge 10% tax on this dividend instead of 20%?
Or will I pay the 10% L1TW and on top 20% tax?

Thanks for helping me understand!

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You only have to declare income on the parts you can reclaim (DA-1 in case of US) and VST (in case of swiss shares and 15% on US shares). In 2020 my DA-1 amount was below 100.- (minimum in my canton), so I only declare the 15% for my US shares and the full 35% for swiss shares. You won‘t be taxed on the income through dividends you can‘t access.

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