Swissquote unfair ads

I wonder if it’s illegal or just mean what they do:

50CHF max custody fees! Let’s have a better look:



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I don’t see a problem.

The custody fees are stated quarterly in their fees - and I believe they have been for a long time. Their ad can’t and won’t be reasonably interpreted as capping at 50 CHF “forever” - as in you’d pay fees until you’ve reached 50 CHF and then it is going to be free forever.

The advertised cap is rather applies to certain period of time: monthly, quarterly or yearly - in this case corresponding to the quarterly intervals often used in financial markets, and their own fee schedule as well.

Mobile phone carriers, like for instance, Sunrise are much worse, when advertising 50% - and then in their fine print, the rebate is only for 12 months, on a 24-month minimum contract.

Considering that some other banks charge 0.35% without a maximum limit…

I said unfair ads, not prices :slight_smile:
I connect “custody fee” with “yearly”, but San_Francisco says that my connection is (might) be wrong. “custody fee” should be meant always quarterly.

I don’t know. IB has a 10usd/month, PF 90chf/year… dunno.

Of course your connection is wrong. In all banks I know (BCV, UBS) you pay quarterly