Swissquote robo advisor

Hello everyone,

I didn’t found a topic about the Robo advisor from Swissquote.
Do you know? Have you ever tried?

I have read some good comments on it.
The fees are : 0.75% but the minimal investment is 50kCHF !
And it is difficult for me to know what are the additional fees (

So if you have opinion about tis Robo Advisor :slight_smile:

See you soon

Looking at their webpage, it seems easy to determine :slight_smile:

I am not in the market for an advisor or roboadvisor so I am not very aware about different offerings but is 0.75% a good offer(?) It seems quite high

For simple passive ETF investing with rebalancing, the least expensive Swiss robo advisors are investart with 0.3% p.a., findependent with 0.44% p.a. and TrueWealth with 0.25-0.5% p.a., as far as I know.

The Swissquote robo advisor supports direct investment in individual stocks, using quantitative asset management algorithms to manage the investments. Whatever that means in practice, however, it’s not quite the same as the simpler robo advisors.

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