Swiss real estate funds / ETFs

Is there any fund or etf you guys would recommend if someone wants to:

  • invest in swiss housing (preferably non commercial real estate)
  • get some nice yield in form of dividends (3-5%)
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It’s not a fund or ETF, but I hold a position in Investis AG (IREN). I was looking for exposure to residential properties and feel it fits that purpose very well. It’s very regional, but that fit my wishes too, as I find the Lac Leman region has a good future in diverse respects.
Dividend yield has been better, as it has had a decent run on the price side (yield currently about 2.5%).

“Founded in 1994, Investis Group is a leading residential property company in the Lake Geneva region and a national real estate services provider active in the two synergetic segments of Properties and Real Estate Services. The portfolio of Investis Properties consists almost exclusively of residential properties located in the Lake Geneva region and was valued at CHF 1 289 million as at 30 June 2018. Investis Real Estate Services is active throughout Switzerland with well-known local brands. The company has been listed since June 2016.”


You can buy swiss real estate funds, but you won’t get that yield with housing, even with a big minority of commercial. One of the reason is that the law forbid them to have more than 33% financed via mortgage, except during the first year(s) when they can go to 50%.