Swiss brokers [2023]

Have you thought about PF instead of Swissquote?

Never thought about PF instead because Swissquote with their 5.- per transaction if you go for one of their ETF leader seems quite fair. I assume here that I would have also to pay the Swiss stamp duty tax at PF. Is buying an ETF at PF cheaper then 5.- per transaction?

The stamp duty is the same, but if you factor in costs of custody at Swissquote, Postfinance might indeed turn out to be cheaper.

Is it really 5? Used to be 9.

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You are right, custody at Swissquote is quite expensive but I still have an amount in the 5 figures so it’s not too bad and I got myself recently some CSGN in order to pay the SQ custody fees with its dividends, what a strategy you might say :wink: Anyway I’ll add “have a look at PF fees” to by todo list…

I think they recently changed from 9.- to 5.- starting from 01.01.2023 (ETF Trading: Trade ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) | Swissquote) but at the same time increased the custody fees.

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ETF “leaders” are still CHF 9 per trade (+ exchange fees and taxes), unfortunately. The reduced price of CHF 5 is for small trades (< CHF/USD/EUR 500) of individual stocks and non-leader ETFs at SIX, NYSE and a few other stock exchanges.


Marketing… they will always trick you :frowning_face:


If you’re fed up of overpriced Swiss brokers and UCITS ETFs, why not just try Interactive Brokers?

Long standing international broker with highly competitive fees.

I already have an account with IBKR to buy US-based ETFs and have Swissquote basically to diversify the broker-risk. So I buy my EU or Swiss ETFs at Swissquote. Then I also have DEGIRO but for now I don’t use them anymore because of their dividend fees as well as FX fees.

I see. Maybe it’s been mentioned already, but PF offers CHF 90 in trading credits each year (I think if you hold a certain sum with PF), so the annual fee of CHF 90 isn’t that high anymore. Until you exhaust your credit, at least.

Guess it’s best to estimate your trading needs and the calculate what’s best for you

Thanks for the hint, yes I was also recommended a few posts above to check out PF. I’ll definitely do that and calculate in my specific case which of both SQ or PF would be cheaper.

If you are considering SQ, I’d also check TradeDirect, with a similar pricing model but lower costs for some (many? all?) formulas. Both offer share registering for swiss shares, SQ will have more derivative products and easier to access/potentially more interesting margin loans.

It’s offered by the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise so it’s probably easier to access for French speaking users, though they probably can handle English communication. I’ve not had to go to a physical branch to open my account (though I had to send mail and go to the post office once) and have dealt with support through emails/direct messages, which could be in English, just fine. Starting with CHF 10K AUM, you can get a checking account with a debit card for free (along with a savings account but that probably won’t be the one with the best interest rates out there…).

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I do a similar set up as you do, with PF instead of Swiss quote and IB. For the swiss based shares and funds I go with PF using up the 90CHF trading credit and once that is used up I go to IB with for all other trading and US (or international) listed shares and ETF’s.

Worked very well so far. I still do not really like to IB UI but the fees are insane.

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Interesting, I never realized that TradeDirect was from the BCV. For me it always sounded so American :wink: So after a quick look the quarterly fees of TD being capped at max 25 CHF per quarter look better that SQ but their brokerage fees are unfortunately worse that SQ. So finally the cheapest one all depends on your usage (low/high transaction volume).

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It’s a different TradeDirect :rofl:

Very original name, you know.

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There is also Flowbank, they alreday decrease their trading fees: 0.1% for ETF on SIX (minimum 6.50 frs, stamp duty and SIX fees included as I understand their fees :thinking:).

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Has anybody tried to buy small amounts of ETF leaders by phone? I understand from the price info that this should be the stock pricing when it is done by phone and not online, so 5 CHF for small trades… I would love to hear anything about this.

I guess yuh is cheaper for trades < 500 CHF, as it costs 0.50% flat (not taking in account currency exchange).

Compared to Swissquote ETF leaders, Yuh is cheaper up to around CHF 2’500, as far as I can tell. Compared to stocks and other ETFs at Swissquote, Yuh is cheaper up to around CHF 6k (and between 10k and 11k, between 15k and 16k, and between 25k and 27k due to the terrible fee system at Swissquote).

However, the ETF selection at Yuh is very poor overall (only 37 in total), especially when considering the 0.95% currency exchange fee. That said, for investments in SPI or individual Swiss stocks, Yuh may be adequate.

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Especially if you consider the possibility to buy shares in fractions.