Swatch is being delisted from SMI

Has anyone read that? UHRN is going to be swapped for Logitech on the SMI. What this could possibly mean? I was thinking to buy it sooner or later mostly to get the watch yearly, but maybe I could profit from the delisting, since many funds will sell it once it’s out of SMI.

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Only the funds that contain only Swiss large caps and no other Swiss shares will sell it. All the others won’t.

I don’t know what and if anything will happen to the share price.

Something similar happened not long ago when Julius Bär left the SMI and Alcon came in. Although Alcon was a new listing, so it’s not possible to see what their share price would have. But what happened to the stock price of Julius Bär?

Don’t you think if it was so easy to make money this way, traders would use this price inefficiency to the point where it’s no longer there?

Also, what do you need an extra watch per year for? Does Swatch make such quality products that they only last so short? :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if anybody there thought how it looks from the environmental side: “we at Swatch produce cheap plasticky crap, so there is no problem if we give some of this trash to our shareholders”. :man_shrugging:

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Yes and I can bet that someone is going to make money with it. Not me. I was just wondering.

off topic

You wrote yourself that you want to save money from Swatch being delisted and the other reason for buying Swatch stock was the free watch, so a) you’re contradicting yourself and b) how is that offtopic? I’m literally addressing the whole point of your purchase.

Well I want to buy it for the watch and nothing much, so paying less is always welcome.

With your second sentence you were heading to ecological and marketing territory, which are a bit off topic. just that.

Fair enough. I’ll be quiet now :wink:

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Maybe interesting 4 u.

Just a short reminder to all of you potentially interested in buying swatch at probably a lower price: today’s the day…

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Hi @ma0

The SMI contained UHR but not UHRN. I don’t think UHR gives you a yearly watch.

Not sure how much UHRN would be affected by the swap.

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Since this morning both UHR and UHRN are down between 4-5%. I already got my share of UHRN :wink:

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