Supplemental health insurance (LCA) is a mess

For sure. My orthodontist wants to milk me for around 25,000 francs for two kids :sweat_smile:. Good thing I have supplemental insurance plus dental coverage. Even then I’ll have some serious out-of-pocket expenses.

:+1:t2: I’ll let you know. So far I’ve a good impression of the orthodontist…hopefully it applies to prices as well :sweat_smile:

Regarding your question about cashback on LCA take a look at CSS assurance. I just asked them for an offer because i’m also considering leaving my LCA at the KPT, and nothing was really better at the CSS until the insurer has mentioned their cashback app active365.

She told me that you can collect points like for the Coop Supercard and pay your insurance with it. To collect points you might use a tracker (e.g. apple watch) and walk a certain number of steps or just take a picture of your veggie meal once in the week etc.

Does somebody already experienced this with CSS?

I use the mystep thing that comes with the supplementary insurance. You get 40 rappen a day for 10k steps, 20 rappen for 7.5k steps.

I did not know about active365. Will have to look into it. Great information.

There is no way I’m giving the possibility for my insurance or any company to track my locations and activities. Ok you might save 75-150frs per year (maybe less if you select a cheaper insurance that doesn’t ask this) but at what cost? Is your privacy really that cheap to sell? What if you stop doing the 7.5k steps per day and ask for a different insurance and they refuse you because of your history? What if they find out you are going too often in a country that have high risk or you do an activities that have high risk or anything they can get out of the information you are sharing and then adapt your prices and everyone else based on that?

I would never use this kind of “bonus”, same for black box in car or other tracking app or device. I recommend to anyone to avoid this (and close your Facebook account by the way).

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