Strategy to sell all VWRL to buy VT

I need to sell all of my 759 shares of VWRL, which are in EUR, to then buy all VT (in USD).
Based on the following information about currency conversion IBKR behaves weirdly when converting currency and immediately buying with a cash account - #4 by fittim
I should sell everything, convert all EUR to USD manually (since amount > 6666USD), wait 2 days for the conversion to settle, and then buy VT.

But I have 2 doubts now:

  • After I sell, will the money be available right away to convert into USD? Or should I wait before doing the conversion? If yes, how long should I wait?
  • Is there a way to know exactly when the conversion is settled? I would not want to risk that I wait 2 days, and then it is still not settled when I actually do the buy, and auto-conversion kicks in.

Thanks in advance for the help

Have a wonderful day

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