Stocks ETF in EUR (for the long run)?

Hi, I’ve some EUR to invest (and will have some more as soon as some bonds I’m currently invested into expire).
I’d like to keep them in EUR (in order to differentiate currencies) and put them into one stocks ETF for the long term (FI target).

Had a look at JustETF and didn’t find many interesting ETFs in EUR (most are in USD, currency in which I’m already investing and will keep on doing…).

I have these EURs since summer 2012 (when exchange rate with CHF and USD was about 15% higher than now, thus I’d prefer to keep the currency, in order to avoid the loss and maintain some currency differentiation).

So far, I’ve found these options:


  • iShares MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITS ETF (IE00B3VWMM18)
  • iShares MDAX UCITS ETF (DE) (DE0005933923)


  • SPDR S&P Euro Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF (IE00B5M1WJ87)
  • iShares EURO STOXX Mid UCITS ETF (IE00B02KXL92)

I’m not sure about MDAX; it seems to have good returns but it’s Germany based -> withholding tax from Germany which then I’ll have to try to recover during tax declaration ? Some additional hassle I’d rather avoid…

Do you have advice (on these or other ETFs in EUR) ? Or better to take the hit converting the currency and then invest in the well known ETFs (MSCI World etc ?).

Other option could be some EUR Hedged ETF like this (iShares MSCI World EUR Hedged UCITS ETF, IE00B441G979).

I’d pay for the hedge protection (compared to the USD ETF) but didn’t have to convert the currency…

Hey Weirded,
not being an expert here but i once looked at Stoxx Europe 600 equal weight
maybe this could be interesting for you?

Hi @nugget, thank you for your advice. I didn’t consider it because the fund is only 89 Mio CHF (I try to choose bigger ones as they generally are more liquid and with smaller spreads).
Still thinking about what to do (at the moment I’m oriented towards the distributing iShares EURO STOXX in order to diversify; 'til now I’ve opted for accumulating funds…).