Stock transfer DTC US->US

Hi there

From the ESPP of my former employer I have a few shares (broker is Morgan Stanley).
This ESPP account is free but very inflexible (no trading etc.). I would now like to transfer these shares to IB.

Morgan Stanley does not allow ACATS on the ESPP account, transfers are only possible via DTC / FOP. For this I would have to send paper forms and copies of IDs to the USA.

Anyone with experience in this? Would selling & buying be a better option? It is about 100k$…


(answering a different question :slight_smile:)

Why would you want to keep those shares? If given the same amount of money would you go and buy those shares? If so then why that exact number, why not more/less?

(holding employer shares is rarely a rational decision, sounds like a case of

… good question :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware that holding those shares is a far irrational decision…

Although it is my former employer, I have certain emotions about it… and the performance has been good to me: I have already sold shares worth far more than the sum of my deposits (Performance overall is more than 300%-Points > SP500 (period: 12 years)) - I just want to keep it that way :slight_smile: and it’s only a little over 10% of my NV (which by the way is quite conservative and well diversified)