Staking Crypto - Best platform

It’s a necessary but not sufficient condition I guess :sweat_smile:

It’s not always black & white…

People doesn’t need the same level of understanding to decide to invest into something, people doesn’t have the same risk Appetite…(also people nowadays they don’t have time to spend on all those topics and analysis that might be required before deciding for something)

…and it’s perfectly okay to be like that as soon as it’s calculated risk and it doesn’t affect of course anyone else or blaming anyone else

If it was like that nobody should ever played in the casino and nobody should have ever invested in crypto

Admittedly, the quote was too good a prompt to miss and not comment on it. :wink:

There are services and apps that make it easy and - relatively- safe to dabble in crypto currencies, no doubt.

But I think there’s little denying of how even educated, well-versed people in the crypto space are failing to keep their assets safe and secure - all too often. And the (supposedly) trustworthy and professionally run crypto services, exchanges, lenders etc. operated by such people, too.

Given the safekeeping risks, your mention of casinos may be more fitting than portraying it as an „investable“ asset class for retail investors.



You may categorise crypto as whatever class you like hands off - even like casinos -

Just what’s wrong if someone decides to play on the casino?

What’s wrong if someone plays with Crypto - without having stored it’s Crypto in a hardware wallet?

To put it simple what I don’t understand why are people attacking to other people about why they invest into crypto without knowledge and being so dummy to not see the risks, to not see the collapse coming, to not have wallets etc…

…and there are too many post-facts prophets out there just ready for criticism

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Nothing wrong with that at all.
I’ve been doing it myself.

I am not attacking people to do so. But I will object when people paint a picture of cryptocurrencies as the future of money, the monetary system and pass it off as an investment-grade investment for ordinary people.

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Yes sorry I didn’t meant you of course… it was more general :sweat_smile:

Totally agree

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