SNB owns 15% of the SMI?

In a recent financial interview I heard a US economist saying that “the Swiss central bank owns 15% of the SMI”. This comment was stuck in my head now for some days… Really can it be or was this fake news? Of course they are heavily invested in AAA companies outside of CH but do they buy also into Swiss comapanies?

Tried to find out myself, looked through the SNB Quarterly Bulletin and Yearly Report and searched via internet if there is any knowledge or truth to that. Looked into the share structure of the big SMI companies Nestle, Novartis and Roche and did not found anything.

Any thoughts on this? (sorry, was not able to find the interview anymore)

Investment figures from FuW newspaper about the SNB investments in 2019:

I’d be surprised. So far the SNB is buying all but CHF denominated papers, as investments for their FX reserves. Perhaps this economist meant something like “the SNB owns the equivalent of 15% of the SMI”?


The SNB doesn’t share their investments. We know the U.S one because of U.S reporting.

In 2018, SNB owned 3,9 billions of CHF securities. So it’s impossible that it has 15% of the SMI.


Do agree. It is a pity, that I don’t find this short interview anymore. The wording was clear, but it was probably fake news. Thanks for your feedback here.

Found the video - here it is. The guys name is Frank E. Holmes and he is the CEO & CIO with U.S. Global Investors.

I would be surprised too, it would not make sense at all. Buying Swiss stock, listed in CHF, would push the CHF higher (because they would have to first reacquire some CHF to do so) and their goal is exactly the opposite of that. Their balance sheet only mentions foreign currency investments.

Also, under Swiss law, it is mandatory to declare publicly when one holds 3% of a company listed in Switzerland, as well as 5%, 10%, 15%. So this would be publicly known.

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