Single bank solution: private account, saving account, 1 credit card CHF

Hi All,

I searched but not found this question already answered in other conversations ro recent, though please apologize if this is posted already somewhere, and kindly share where.

I’m currently looking for a “solid”, sistemic bank where to open a private and a saving account + 1 credit card in Switzerland. For Europe travels I use Revolut and if happens to be purchasing services abroad not accepted with Revolut I will accept the fact I’ll use the swiss credit card…

I am located in Ticino, therefore I am excluding ZKB and other cantonal banks.
I am oriented to either:

UBS me or UBS Key4

what’s the orientation of you wise people of the forum that may live in Switzerland since more time than me, or who have experienced multiple major banks than me?

Any “don’t go!” or excessive expenses, or limits?

my only experience so far was C.Suisse Bonviva pack earlier, now CSX pack.

thanks a lot for any suggestion

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