Should I buy IDIA shares?

We have a thread about TSLA.

Not exactly comparable to Tesla, but Idorsia might have a huge potential as well and a very promising pipeline, especially with Daridorexant.

What do you think?

Do you want to hear my opinion or do you want me to say what you want to hear :wink:

Is this becoming a stock-pickers’ forum? :sweat_smile:

IMO any pharma/biotech is just a huge bet; counting on “what’s in the pipeline” to become reality is such a bad probability (sheer nature of the industry) gamble.


Your opinion, please.

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My opinion is that even the best investment thesis is useless unless the broad market agrees with you.

I would wait until the stock gains momentum and breaks out to new highs before putting any money in it.

I dont buy hopes and dreams, especially not against the odds when I invest. When I speculate its another deal, but we arent talking about speculation, are we?

If with only talk about beta, there isnt much to talk about after we covered the basic indices :wink:

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Not sure I understand you. Of course this is speculation.

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If its just fun money there is no point in overthinking. Just put it in IDIA if you think its a good speculation. There is no point in taking a speculation serious and asking others about their opinion, because it is a speculation and not an investment. I personally wouldnt buy it, not at this point.

Maybe I should have picked a different title. I rather meant to “mimick” the (surprisingly popular) thread about Tesla and start a discussion that I personally find interesting. I had no intention to ask the forum whether I should really stash money or not in Idorsia.

Same thing with my other question about how capital increases are conducted. After some reading I discovered that it is indeed uncommon but not impossible to conduct capital increases without setting a grant price in advance. I asked the question out of an “academic” interest as I had never seen anything like it.

Should I buy IDIA shares?

Maybe ask on r/wsb :slight_smile:

With a different titel you wouldnt have triggered @dbu :laughing:

Since this is mainly an amateur forum and you have no clue who is sitting behind the screen there is a room for misinterpretation

Btw my comments werent meant as tell off :laughing:

I recommend to look up the info if it is something technical, that hasnt much to do with personal experience, but for further clarification how I mean this statement check out the Degiro/SQ thread.

@nabalzbhf wsb is for derivatives :slight_smile:


Buy as a purely speculative gamble.
Or if you have a really, really good idea about their products - that is, if you believe you can predict potential and risks of the company’s products (and pipeline) better than the average financial analyst (at least).

Like dbu said, I also believe research-oriented pharma/biotech is one of the, possibly the hardest sector to do stock-picking in, due to the nature of product safety, clinical testing and regulatory affairs, which are highly unpredictable. Especially for outsiders.

It’s much, much easier for virtually any other sector, as a non-specialist/without serious sector experience.

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