Shorter commute for same pay worth it?

I need help with a current job dilemma. I was offered a position with only a 15 minute commute, better title and real opportunity for growth. However, it’s about the same pay (and benefits) as I’m making now. I really like my current job, but it’s a 1.5-2 hour commute by train. The only thing is I’d be foregoing my annual bonus and raise if I left now, plus my 401k isn’t fully vested yet.

The area I’m living in now has a slightly lower COL, but I wanted to make at least $5-$10k more with my next job. However, this position is the exact fit for my background & skills, and I’m not sure when the next time a job opportunity this perfect will come up (that’s only a 15 minute commute).

I’m really leaning toward taking the new job because I think the commute alone is worth it (time is money). However I feel like I’m kind of sacrificing some money. Is there anything I’m missing? Anyone else have a similar situation?


So you have got an offer which is the exact fit for background and skills, a job with better title and real opportunity for growth, a job opportunity that you yourself call “perfect”, which in addition to all this cuts your commute by 1 HOUR AND HALF (!!!) and you don’t want to take it because you “wanted to make $5k more with your next job”?

Sometimes I really don’t get you people.


Sometimes in the life you have simply good luck. Don’t ask yourself why and just enjoy your opportunity.

I assume getting 5-10k more for a job-hop is not easy unless you are earning >100k already.

You’re thinking pay but you’re not thinking what your current job costs you:

  • If the commute is longer, then we can assume that the price you have to pay to get there is also higher (be it public transportation, your own car or even your own bike: more wear)
  • You’re also spending time which is a resource as valuable as money.

If I could have the same job but closer to home, I would definitely switch. If this new job is even a better fit with perspectives of growth, then I think the annual bonus you’d be forfeiting might be a right price to pay.

What percentage of your base salary does the bonus represent? Do you have any idea of the order of magnitude of your potential bonus in the new company?

And even if the new job sucks, you’re most likely able to find another one or return to the old one. Changing jobs is awesome, don’t be scared.

Rationally it is clear and is a no-brainer.
You are sitting 500h (250dx2h) in a train - so around 20d p.a. to commute.

But, you should ask yourself questions like:

  • does the current old job still challenge and satisfy you?
  • can you still learn new things on your old job?
  • are there real perspectives to grow knowledge wise and/or in the organisation?

Depending on your age and where you are in your career, a job change mostly helps you to develop yourself to adapt to new situations. So it is a good thing.

About the annual bonus you need really to check your working conditions. Many times the you still get a part bonus when you stay to a certain month (e.g. October). And even if not, there is always a chance to negotiate something within your new job contract (if they are keen to sign you).

Anyway really good luck with whatever your decision will be!


Can you further negotiate the salary at this new job?

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