Shopping in France: VAT and Feu Vert

I’m trying to google if the shop Feu Vert gives the VAT back if I export what I’ve bought to Switzerland but I can’t find anything. That name might be easy to remember but very hard to google :smiley:

Anyway I wonder if anyone has bought anything there and got the VAT back.

Yes. I did it there for new tyres (not mounted on car, went to customs with new tyres in boot) ~10 years ago. I believe they no longer do it on tyres

Why not? I think it’s a general thing. Once they do it, the do it for everything above 150eur.

Special tax rules for vehicle parts, fuel and care products.

While I can‘t speak for France, Germany has this as well, and I assume it‘s EU rules.


I have no idea why, I only know that last year when I bought tyres there the shop had a sign saying it wasn’t possible. I didn’t enquire since I wasn’t interested in doing it anyway, the saving in my case would’ve been less than the value of the time required (learned my lesson when I did it 10 years ago)

I need to find a way to go there before the end of the month. They have a sale and I have no idea how to reach them :confused:

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