Sharing swiss newspaper subscriptions

There are many newspapers, magazines and online resources offering free articles. Once they are used up, you have to pay. Considering the breadth of my interests, I would have to pay for 20+ subscriptions, even though I might be interested in reading only a few articles in each. I don’t want to spend that amount of money and will be waiting for integration of micropayment.

In the meantime, I downloaded this browser extension: GitHub - iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-chrome: Bypass Paywalls web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Works like a charm on many media sites. Unfortunately not on smartphones.


I think that good information comes with a price. Nobody work for free except if its volunteering but that is not the case with journalists.

Press and press liberty is imho a cornerstone of democracies and should be defended as such.

Paying for newspaper abonnement is one of my monthly expense I regret the least.


I agree. That’s why I’ve made contributions to Wikipedia and Guardian in the past. Other media have annual subscription at 50-250 CHF. In today’s landscape, it is important IMHO to get an independent viewpoint. For my various interests, it amounts to around 20 products. This would cost me around 2000 CHF.

Being frugal, I like to get most bang for the buck. What is the cheapest way to stay informed over a wide range of media?

(a) Library subscription was mentioned in this threat - I got it for free in Luxembourg, and it gave me legally access to a number of press products.

(b) Old style coffee shops used to have a number of newpapers and magazines. They’re free to browse.

any other ideas?

Question is do you really have the time to read so many different magazines and news papers?

I pay a subscription for The Economist at around 190 CHF per year and that’s basically the only things I read regularly. I especially like that it’s a weekly magazine so they focus on the most important / interesting things in detailed articles with lots of background information. Daily papers contain a lot of information that is not really relevant and I anyway wouldn’t have time to read it on a daily basis.

If you want articles from various papers / magazines then maybe something like Inkl could be interesting for you. I don’t think they also include Swiss papers though, not sure if that’s important for you.


Similar to the library: At the University of Zurich in the main building there was a box with ~20 daily newspapers from all over Europe. Free for anyone to read whenever they wanted. IDK if it’s still there or if other places have the same service. Maybe look at a local Zentralbibliothek if you’re in a big enough place to have one.

Though you could have that for free, if you wanted to.

Day-to-day news and the daily blabber you can mostly just as well get for free on, 20min and from public broadcasters (SRF, BBC, Deutsche Welle) or free services (CNN, Al Jazeera, El País, Reuters). Looking for something more particular? Investments? There‘s Yahoo Finance, CNBC, You’re into IT ir consumer electronics? No problem, enough online news sites catering to you (such as The Verge, Golem). And your favourite sports league probably has a website as well.

For more deeply researched and in-depth articles, a weekly magazine-style format often does just as well, if they aren‘t even recycling articles from their daily paper editions.

I share an NZZ subscription with a friend, which we pay for. I do believe in paying a for quality journalism. We just use the same login on our devices.

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Doesn’t seem to work anymore on most sites. I noticed that you can get around some paywalls by setting your user agent string to

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

but it’s annoying because if you want that persistently you either need to use some plugins or use a separate browser for reading news etc.

I don’t mind paying for news but the offers are getting more and more expensive. I’m currently paying for the Economist at 200 CHF per year which is okay, and I would be interested in getting an NZZ subscription which is digital-only around 200 CHF but then it’s without magazine, without PRO Global, without The Market, etc. so plain news only plus with ads. No detailed and well researched geopolitical information, no financial information. And they even demand extra ransom if you don’t want to see ads. Even as a paid user you have to endure ads if you don’t pay extra. If you want the full fledged NZZ experience with magazine, PRO Global and The Market and get rid of ads you pay more than 1000 CHF per year for digital-only.

Like that it is no wonder when people read less and less quality news and resort to crap sites such as oder, or don’t read news at all, or resort to grey-zone methods such as sharing accounts or using anti-paywall plugins etc.

I found out that for a lifelong subscription of 21.- CHF you can subscribe the Tessin cantonal Biblio system which let you borrow 4 ebooks per months and have online access to a lot of news papers. Swiss and internationals.
As example you can read the NZZ and Wall Street journal for free. You can access also previous copy (if the article you are interested is not the today one). Some newspapers let you open articles also in text form. This allow you, as example, thanks to an option integrated on the online app to translate an NZZ article to french or other language. (Some newspapers open as high resolution image only, for this one no translation options)

Here the link if you want to check the offered catalogue before subscribe:

Then click:
“Esplora il catalogo”

I think that the only potential issue with this solution is that there is no guarantee that the offer will include your favourite newspapers forever but eve just for 1 year it is cheaper from what you get and it is a legal solution.

You can gain access also if you have a Biblio card from other canton if they take part of this system on national level:

Under partner you will se if your cantonal Biblio is part of the recognition system. In this case you should just make recognise your card by sending an email and getting your login data.

Unfortunately the financial times and the Economist are not available on the offer at the moment but no system is perfect :wink:


Do they have limited copies of newspapers? Like if 10 people are reading the WSJ and they have only 10, you need to wait.

I did not find an answer looking through the explanation page but so far I never had to wait for any newspaper :person_shrugging:

Do you know PressReader?
It’s a subscription service that has a very generous :earth_americas: worldwide catalogue of printed journals :newspaper_roll: and magazines. It’s the ‘Spotify’ of printed media… The monthly subscription is 29,90.
if you access it using wireless network of (certain) schools and universities, or (some) public libraries in Switzerland, you have access to the catalogue for free (and you can download the pdf of the printed editions with their app while using the library’s wifi… Geneve, Lausanne, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel…).


Get a bibliothek card für 20 - 40 chf per year and most of them offer pressreader access for free :slight_smile:


or with onleihe: