Sharing Netflix Ultra-HD Account?


CEO Reed Hastings has spoken openly about customers sharing their monthly subscription with other people:
“We love people sharing Netflix,” said company CEO Reed Hastings at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Is anybody here interested in sharing a Netflix (Ultra-HD) account (CHF 19,90 / 4 people = 5 CHF)?
I just need one stream in UHD :slight_smile:


Just use a vpn or proxy in the US when you register the first time. You’ll pay 14.92 USD for the rest of your life instead.

Sorry I already am a reseller for netflix


Thanks – I know this lifehack – I used my netflix account with a virtual creditcard from Entropay :slight_smile:
I think it’s still interesting to share a UHD Account and save some money.


I found a netflix account sharing solution ( :grinning:


Better Use VPN or Proxy to connect to turkey as it will just be 39.99 TL (CHF 7.6) for the Ultra HD package. Which Netflix offering you get depends entirely on the IP you are connecting from and not where you bought it. So best to always just buy it in the cheapest country.

If you already have an account and you want to switch this 3 simply steps will get you there:

  • Cancel your current subscription and wait until it’s canceled
  • Use HOLA (free) or another Proxy/VPN provider to get a turkish IP
  • Go to Netflix page and restart your subscription
    Done :slight_smile:

Personally I wouldn’t share my account with strangers as they will have Full Access to everything.


Thanks a lot for the hint. I will change this month. At the moment Argentina is 50 cent cheaper than Turkey


Lol I love that arbitrage for online services.
Has anyone thought about a similar way for spotify, maybe turkey as well?


I suppose you are already sharing your spotify account with «family members» ?


If somebody is interested in spotify premium account (family member) – i still have one left.


Yes, I’m already sharing with my… Family.
But I’m now wondering… Could you make it even cheaper by buying a family account in turkey or wherever?


I wouldnt share Spotify, last year they tried to crack down on people sharing their account in different locations.


Yeah actually you can. I’m sharing an account with my family in Greece, paying for a subscription 11.99€ per month for the Ultra-HD option.

Using it in CH, I’m getting the content dubbed in German and with German subtitles (that’s the only reason I got Netflix in the fist place, check this extension). While my family that is using it in Greece, they get the content with Greek subtitles, exactly like they wanted.

I suppose the same will be true if you get a Netflix account from Thailand or something :stuck_out_tongue:


Billing currency depends on location (or vpn) at the moment you sign up
Content (and subs and langages) depends on location while watching