Shares from employer - easy tax

I buy some shares from employer at a discount i guess. They are frozen. I received report which states how many I have and it’s value end of year.
It has no valor isin…
where to report that in easy tax? Einkommen or Vermögen?

The discount is likely income, but would be reported by your employer in salary certificate.

The shares should be reported in your wealth report, with the value on Dec 31st. ISIN isn’t required afaik.

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It is as @nabalzbhf says.

If you use your canton’s tax software, the wealth tax discounts are automatically applied. Just make sure that you flag the shares as blocked shares and employee shares.

If you have some shares which are available and others which are blocked, just enter them separately.

Don’t make the mistake a colleague of mine has been making, for years, because “who cares it doesn’t matter”, of not flagging employee shares as blocked. For every year they’re blocked, you get a discount. It’s around 6% of their market value in Basel-Stadt, for example.

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What if unblocked share is a fraction? 0.5677 something like that

Just enter the fraction number. At least Baltax (the tool for BS) accepts it.

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