Setting up EFT trading accounts with a Carte de Legitimation permit

Dear all,

I recently tried to open a Cornertrader account, which was quite dodgy to say the least. The broker was too lazy to come to Geneva and accepted all my documents and signatures without ever meeting me - I was ok with that at the time but now I am happy that it didn’t go through. What stopped the application from processing apparently was the fact that I only have a Carte de Legitimation permit, which is a permit granted to employees of international organisations - it is based on the assumption that I will return to my home country when I no longer work for the organisation (which is complicated in its own right!).

Does anyone in this Forum have a CDL as well and were you able to open a trading account somewhere else? I would like to buy Vanguard EFTs so my investment strategy is quite simple and straightforward. Also ideally my husband and I would like to open a joint account, which seems to be more complicated than initially expected. He also has a CDL now.

Thanks in advance for your help!

If you are not Swiss, it could be challenging to open an account in a Swiss bank.
You can open an account with IB (Interactive broker) and state your country of origin and your Swiss address.

You can also try to call Swissquote. The hotline (which is very competent) should be able to help you.

Hey svichy,
I don’t know about CDL…

if you expect to be mobile in the future, CorneTrader might not be your first choice. IB seems to have no problems in this regard.
And yes, I remember some dodgy stuff like “we will tell you the password on the phone” and such. however it works out^^

CorneTrader seems to work like a startup…

afaik they are actually quite new in the field of online broker, although the CornerBank already exists for over 60 years

I also have a CdL, but that’s never been an issue to open bank accounts in Switzerland. I have had issues with some forms for other things on occasion because they only contemplate permits B and C (I have a D), and I was even told once at the Service cantonal des véhicules that my permit didn’t exist even though he was holding it in his hands. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe CT just doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Anyway, I would go for IB. I didn’t have any issues at all opening the account, and it’s much cheaper.

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Thanks all, this is useful info. I will research IB and hopefully can set something up soon!


I’ve seen your post and I’m more or less in the same situation.
What did you do with the TIN Swiss that IB ask… You give them your European one?
I’m having problems setting this with IB… I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to do something illegal but is really messy all that CdL with taxes and so on…

Thank you very much for your answer.

Edit: in FI working in International Organization we are talking about that also…