Send money to IB through Revolut?

Dear experts,
What is the best way to send money to IB?
I thought of Revolut would maybe be the cheapest option, if so, how should one do it with Revolut? Through EUR wire transfer?

Thank you all in advance

If you send chf. Using Postfinance is free of charge

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You can send CHF from a Swiss bank account as a domestic transfer.

Send it in the currency you have… Then exchange it on IB to whatever you need to for 2$.

why not change the money with revolut to usd and then transfer it to IB? to save the 2$?

Do you have more than 100k in assets on IBKR?

not yet, but that is my goal :smiley:

So you are paying 10$/month anyway (including all transaction costs). The 2$ for FX and 0.35$ for buying an ETF are already covered.


Are you sure that the USD SWIFT transfer to IB will be free at both ends (and, if applicable, intermediate banks)?

If you got IB you probably are handling bigger amounts of money… And I don’t want to trust Revolut with that. Also I’m not sure if the account that Revolut sends your money from is actually in your name or not, but IB requires that.