Selma 3rd Pillar

Hey, just got an e-mail stating that Selma (the robot investing company) is now offering a 3rd pillar. Has anybody looked into that in detail to see if it might rival VIAC?

Total cost is 88 basis points, viac is 55. So the cost difference is quite significant.

Provided by VZ!
It will be cheaper than the big two but more expensive than VIAC.

The offer is not new by itself. It was already offered by VZ with the same conditions.
I would advise to go with VIAC as the difference (36 basis point) will have a big impact on the long run due to compound interest.

In any case, it’s always good to see some competition on this market.

VZ would be my third choice after VIAC and Cornèr3 for pillar 3a wealth management. For investing with ETFs, it would be my second choice (Cornèr3 only has index funds and those are limited).

I’m not sure how Selma goes about offering the VZ solution, but with VZ itself, you get a lot of control over your portfolio through the online platform. You can choose the exact funds you want (from the limited selection), which you can’t do with VIAC (you can only choose your strategy). But the cost is just too high, in my opinion.

I agree that competition in the pillar 3a, specifically with regards to ETFs and index funds, is much-needed.

For non-3a assets, VZ is the cheapest wealth-management solution I know of after True Wealth. But obviously you can manage non-3a assets yourself.

In fact, you can choose your own strategy outside Global, Swiss and Sustainable with VIAC by using the funds available on at the bottom. Due to 3a limitiation, you have limits on currencies and allocation. So I don’t think you have more control with VZ. The fund available aren’t exactly the same but equivalent

Thanks Wapiti. Do you know if it is possible to select these funds and their allocations individually in VIAC? I haven’t been able to find that function.

Yes, just select custom strategy.

Only restriction: by law 40% must be in CHF (including the 3% cash). So either you use CHF-hedged index funds (wouldn’t recommend that due to hedging costs of ~2.5%/year) or you overweight Switzerland.