Security of VIAC and Valuepension for 2nd pillar

I am about to drop a significant amount of money in both Freizügigkeitskonten / 2nd pillar.

What’s the latest on their security / protection of assets? I am aware that the assets are segregated, but is there anything else to keep in mind?

Thanks a lot!

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100’000 CHF in cash is secured by Einlegerschutz, anything above it can be lost. Not the case if it’s invested.

Thanks. Let’s assume I go all in on ETFs (stocks, real estates, gold, bonds – basically highly diversified).

Are there any remaining risks? Or is it “100%” risk free (beyond the investment risks of course)

What if they (fraudulently) don‘t invest it as they claim? (example).

They still don‘t seem to be protected better:

Im Falle des Konkurses einer FZE werden die Sparguthaben der Destinatäre nach den allgemeinen Regeln des Bundesgesetzes über Schuldbetreibung und Konkurs25 (SchKG) kolloziert.

If the funds are gone, they are gone.

Would anybody know, by any chance, if there are cantonal banks that offer Freizügigkeitskonten?

There, one could have the unlimited state warranty, maybe?

ZKB has Freizügigkeitskonten via Swisscanto, but fees are high

There is indeed some risk with cash. I disagree with @Cortana: Your cash with vested benefit foundations and with pillar 3a providers is not secured, it only gets preferred treatment in case of a bankrupcy (which is not worth much). Check eisuisse‘s FAQ on this.

Also: Cantonal bank with state guarantee won‘t help either, as this money technically always stays with separated legal entities that do not enjoy that guarantee.

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To be precise as example: Your money would be with Freizügigkeitsstiftung der Zürcher Kantonalbank, which in turn offers you to invest in Swisscanto products.

(Not saying this is bad by the way, there are good reasons to keep vested benefits and pillar 3a separated from the rest of the bank)

I was checking their 2nd pillar product just now, it’s actually not crazy expensive

Maybe I do ValuePension and ZKB for peace of mind.