Salt TV channels

I’ve already asked this a while ago but I didn’t get a good answer so I try agian.

Anyone here knows the difference between the 3 TV packages on Salt TV?
All 3 have 250+ channels available. German and Italian seems to be the same, while the French one seems to have 25 more channel. The problem is that the channel list below the choice shows 255 channels for DE and I and 278 for FR. The lists are ordered differently so they aren’t that easy to compare. With a simple quick check it seems that no one should ever buy the German and Italian but stick to the french. Is it true? Why they don’t show the freaking difference instead of that shitty list?

I got the Salt TV package. I think the basic package is everywhere the same, and you will still get the basic channels. For instance, we also got ITV (helpful for the Rugby matches), BBC, some Spanish and Italian stuff… (I have French package). I could not even tell you if you would get France Television with the German Italian package.

I guess noone is looking that much into detail :wink:

For them it is more a marketing tool, since they can send you then some actions for the paying packages (Canal+ for the French for instance).