S&P 500 Question

How much of your net worth do you plan to invest in equities?


A 10% monthly of my net salary with a weekly time base.

I was more talking about how much of your current net worth you plan to invest in equities? Will this 10% savings be everything you save or will you save part of it in a savings account?

What I want to find out is your target asset allocation. Do you plan to have 100% in equities?

No, the 10% that I intend to invest is part of the money net of expenses, and of what I will need to get to the next month. So every month I intend to divide 50% of this 10% into two ETFs by averaging the loading price and then using the DCA method, and if in the meantime I see that there will be some interesting equities that I will study, I will invest, then on a regular basis annually, if it’s worth it, I’ll try to rebalance the portfolio.

Thank you very much, i think this is the way to follow.

And how much of your total wealth will be in equities and how much in savings?