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Is anyone of you also participating in this stock game from the Swiss-french TV?

I am asking because it supposed to be based on the SwissQuote trading platform but I find the interface really terrible. So I hope this is just for the game and not SQ itself. Never seen the real SQ in my life.

Also another particularity on this game is that I don’t seem to find many small or mid caps from the SWX such as Tecan Group (TECN). So do they limit the selection?

From what I’ve seen today I’m quite disappointed in the quality of this stocks game but maybe I am missing something…

Too late to register :frowning:

I like this game. What’s fun about it is that the best strategies involve doing exactly the opposite of what should be done for a buy and hold investor thinking long-term, because the only way to win is to take risks and put all eggs in one basket.

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Indeed, with around an expensive CHF 22 of transaction fee for stocks and only CHF 10’000 available you are very limited. In these times I would go for something in the biomedical field.

This type of game is one of the worst things to learn to invest. It’s like offering free shots, then you become a trading junkie :slight_smile:


Ahah totally agree with you! Somehow I wanted to get the feeling again how it is to go for stock-picking, it and feels so random :wink:

but yeah the game itself is less fun due to the fact that the UI is really terrible and you don’t have all the possible stocks of the SWX available.

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