Robo advisors ETF & Funds: "ZBH", "|||",

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are you confused on the different flavors of all the funds? What does “ZBH” mean??

finpension equities by CSIF:

  • CSIF: The Credit Suisse’s Brand of Funds
  • ESG: Ecologic, Social, Governance. some weighting and/ or exclusion of companies based on sustainability (whatever the definition of the fund issuer is). usually comes at a TER premium
  • B: "Q and UA share classes are reserved to Qualified Investors, whereas the F and B share class can be subscribed by both qualified and private investors.
  • H: “H indicates for hedged share classes”
  • Z: “Class ZB units are capital growth units for which no management commission is charged”
  • A/B: distributing/accumulating.
  • Blue: “The subfunds with the suffix “Blue” do not enter into securities lending.”
  • | - || - |||: refers to different umbrella subfunds, holdings entities etc.
    • "CSIF III Funds are solely available for Swiss Pension Funds "
  • “Plus” in “CSIF (CH) III Equity World ex CH Small Cap ESG Blue - Pension Fund Plus DB”: ?
  • “D” in the same title: ?


maybe you know what the remaining infos mean?
@mods @_MP @Julianek can you make this a wiki-post, so ppl can add/ expand on it (to have all info on the first post - rather that searching for it throughout the replies)? thanks! - and remove this comment :slight_smile:

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Z - zero TER (separate fees arrangement)
A/B - distributing/accumulating.
H - currency hedged.

Kind of ESG in CS understanding.

Also for qualified investors, with TER.

I, II, III are different umbrella subfunds, holdings entities etc.

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do you have an official source for this?

this is wrong in my opinion, as

Credit Suisse Index Fund (CH) Umbrella
Umbrella Fund under Swiss Law of the “Other Funds for Traditional Investments” Type
Prospectus with Integrated Fund Contract
February 2021
Distribution in Switzerland

Comes as a publication with any CSIF fund, for example

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